Best Medical Centres in Queensland – Put People’s Welfare First

Most of us are prone to falling sick or ill some time or the other. While the medical field with all its advancements has given rise to many specialty clinics and big hospitals, the good old GPs still have an important role to play. If one can find medical centres with experienced GPs taking care of your minor ailments, like a fever or cough or similar discomforts, it could be of great help. However, the real issue with going to a clinic for consultation and getting treatment, turns into an ordeal if the setup is not professionally organised and run. There are such facilities available in Queensland in most localities in Brisbane and its suburbs. So what are the best practices you would like a medical facility to offer to its patients?

Many Factors add up to make a Medical Centre Great

People look for a few comforts and facilities when they visit the medical centres for treatment. One of the main aspects would be the flexibility in the timings when the doctors would be available for consultation. So the clinics have to make sure they run extended timings and possibly weekends too. If you are able to find a centre which runs through the year, except on special occasions like Christmas, in your own neighbourhood, it would be a bonanza.

The next issue would be whether you have to wait for long to meet the doctor. There are clinics where even after fixing an appointment, you will be made to wait until your turn comes. This could put a lot of people, already feeling uneasy with whatever complaint they are suffering from, feel even irritated. It may turn into frustration for some, and they may swear not to come again to that centre. At Chermside Medical Centre, they claim that they clear 95% of their patients who come with an appointment within the time fixed. The public could expect a similar treatment at the Corinda Medical Centre and the West End Medical Centre as well.

To sum up, the factors which make medical centres stand out are as follow:

·        The waiting area needs to have a comfortable seating arrangement and if there is a provision for a kids’ play area, the mothers will feel relieved a lot.

·        The option to make appointments online is a convenience most people would prefer nowadays.

·        Ensure minimum formalities once the person reaches the clinic; long forms to fill, etc. can put off people.

·        Ensure the details of GPs available for consultation are available on the medical centre’s website itself and that the medical records of the patients are made available on a network. This way, if a person shifts from one part of the city to another, there would be seamless treatment at the new facility, and the records could be easily accessed.

·        Make the test and diagnostic reports available through an e-mail to the patients so that they do not have to make a trip to just collect the report.

·        Have the best GPs on the panel so that the reputation of the centres is kept high and people feel like coming back and will also recommend to others.

Post Author: Tyler Bailey