Basic Guide for Campervan Insulation and Ventilation

In Australia, a campervan insulation and ventilation are all important aspects in order to achieve the comfort level that you desire whilst enjoying the outdoors. A properly ventilated van will help remove the humid and hot air caused by the cooking and the normal breathing of the people staying inside the van. Additionally, a well-insulated van will keep the warm and cozy environment during the cold months.

campervan insulation

Below is a list of practical questions that you might be asking about an Australian campervan insulation and ventilation. To get high-quality brands of camping car gear or if you wish to convert your regular van into a welcoming campervan, visit Car Builders and other car-related stores online.

Why is campervan insulation important?

Basically, a van or other regular vehicles weren’t made with insulation because they aren’t originally built as a place for cooking, showering, sleeping, or relaxing. In other words, they aren’t homes. Now, if you want to turn your ordinary van into a campervan, then you need to insulate it and make it a more comfortable place for spending the night out with nature.

How much insulation your van needs?

The amount of campervan insulation depends on the place or time of the year that you wish to bring your van for a camping or a country stroll. The purpose of insulating your campervan is to trap the heat inside the van whilst you camp outdoors during the winter months. On the other hand, the insulation can also keep the cool air inside the van during the hotter months. Learn more about CAR BUILDERS

Which type of insulation is best for your van?

The common materials used for campervan insulation in Australia are reflectix foil wrap, polystyrene and styrofoam boards, loft, and vapor barrier. A reflectix isn’t generally an insulator but a radiant barrier used as a sunshade inside of campervan windows. Rigid panels usually made of polystyrene styrofoam boards are also used as insulators as they are more economical and sturdy.

Loft and vapour barrier are also important in insulation. The loft is easily squeezed in small holes and pockets in the van’s walls, whilst the vapour barrier is the perfect shield from water vapour to eat up the surface of metal surfaces inside the campervan, causing rust to build.

Why is campervan ventilation necessary?

Just like insulation, ventilation is likewise important for having a comfortable campervan living whilst in the outdoors. Without proper ventilation, condensation will occur, which will then lead to rust. Therefore, proper ventilation is crucial in maintaining enough airflow inside the van.

How much campervan ventilation is needed?

A good campervan ventilation allows better air circulation compared to those without enough vents. The amount of ventilation depends on the number of people who will be staying in the van, which means the more people to use it, the more ventilation units are needed to promote proper air circulation. It is even practical to add ceiling vents to let the hot air escape.

What are the best ventilation products for your van?

Opening the windows and the doors of the van are one practical ways to allow air flow inside the van. However, it would be impractical to keep your windows and doors open as it can give you less security during the camping. Also, during the winter months, it would also be impractical to open every window and door and keep the icy air fill the van.

Some of the practical ventilators are wind deflectors for your windows, air vents for your van walls, roof vents, pop-top roof vents, and extractor vents. Those ventilators mentioned are usually professionally installed to campervans for you to achieve the desired ventilation.


Proper campervan insulation and ventilation aren’t just two options for every backpacker and outdoor lover. They are equally important aspects of any camping vehicle. To ensure that you get the right product with the best quality, make sure that you only buy the brands with proven market reputation. Try to find campervan insulation and ventilation providers in Australia online and search for customer satisfaction feedback and forum to ensure that you are buying the best product in the market.

Post Author: Tyler Bailey